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Q: What is a church?
It is important to have a good, biblical definition of a church. It helps everyone understand what we are and what we are trying to accomplish.
A local church is a community of people who:
  1. Live in committed relationships with each other.
  2. Trust and follow Jesus (become his disciples).
  3. Study the teachings and obey the principles found in the Bible.
  4. Remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, by subjecting all “leadings” to scripture and to prayer.
  5. Bring glory to God through our faith and deeds, guided by the Holy Spirit and gifted by God’s power to do His work.
Q: What Kind of Church is this?
Montague Church of Christ (MCoC) is a Protestant Evangelical Church:
  • We are heirs of the Protestant Reformation of the 1500’s- like Baptists, Presbyterians, Wesleyans, etc…
  • Five basic beliefs of Evangelical churches:
    • The Bible is true and infallible and holds the highest authority for truth and practice.
    • The leadership of Jesus Christ and the Gospel message (We are sinners who can only be saved and made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ).
    • The lordship of the Holy Spirit (God the Holy Spirit leads us to follow Jesus).
    • The priority of evangelism (reaching people with the saving message of Jesus).
    • The importance of Christian community (Church) for spiritual nourishment, fellowship, accountability, growth and serving the world.
MCoC is a non-denominational, Independent Christian Church.
  • More specifically we are heirs of the “Stone-Campbell” Restoration Movement of the early 1800’s —a movement of churches seeking to “restore” the Christianity of the Bible. In addition to the 5 basic beliefs of other evangelical churches:
    • We submit to adult immersion (Believer’s Baptism)
    • We observe weekly the Lord’s Super (Communion)
  • Restoration Movement churches now have three branches (Branches developed in the early to mid 1900’s) –with about 21,500 churches and about 4,000,000 people in attendance regularly.
    • To the Left—Disciples of Christ
    • In the CenterIndependent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ
    • To the Right—Churches of Christ (non-instrumental)
  • There are about 6,500 Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in North America with about 2.5 million people in attendance weekly. We are one of the fastest growing fellowships in North America… with some big churches…
      • Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky —23,000
      • Central Christian in Las Vegas, Nevada —18,000
      • Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, Georgia —10,000
      • Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho —8,000
      • Indian Creek C.C. (The Creek) in Indianapolis, Indiana —5,000
Brief History of Montague Church of Christ:
    • Began in 1812, two congregations met under the name “Three Rivers Church” located in Brudenell, PEI near the junction of Robertson Road and Brudenell point Road (Now the site of Brudenell Cemetery).
    • Later, the congregations moved to the end of Brudenell Point Road, near the junction of John A. MacDonald Hwy.
    • In 1846 after a fire destroyed the meeting house, the two congregations moved to the top of Bell’s hill on the opposite side of Bell’s hill, taking turns using the building every other Sunday.
    • Around 1874 the two congregations of Three Rivers decided to build separate buildings of their own in the growing town of Montague; Montague Baptist Church and Montague Christian Church (1876).
    • In 1897 the congregation of Montague Christian Church was incorporated with the Province of Prince Edward Island.
    • In 1988 Montague Christian Church completed work on the new expanded addition that currently houses our sanctuary, offices and classrooms.
In the early 1990’s Montague Christian Church changed it’s name to
Montague Church of Christ.

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